Popular Woodworking 2000-01 № 112, страница 50

Popular Woodworking 2000-01 № 112, страница 50

V4-" x 1/2" grooves in fixed rails


5/32" X 9/16" 1/4" x 1" x 18 1/2" grooves in plywood splines iding shelves 14 required) undern i Gue spline in sliding

fixed rails only

1 ' ^ ^ 3/4"

Fixed shelf nderneath the helves




10 Vfe" 1

10 Vfe"



24 15/16"

Elevation of sliding shelves


the support arm. It has a L-slot — a long slot with a little hiccup at one end. I made the "hiccup" first, drilling a few ' overlapping holes to create a short slot. I routed a long slot perpendicular to the short one, then cleaned up the edges of the short slot with a file. When mounting the support arm to the stand, the short portion of the slot faces front.

To help organize all my router bits and collars, I mounted two sliding shelves to the fixed shelf inside the storage box. You needn't purchase expensive hardware to get the sliding action. Make narrow hardwood rails to guide the shelves, then cut matching grooves in the sliding shelves and fixed rails. Glue splines in the grooves in the rails, then glue the rails to a fixed shelf. Fit the sliding shelves to the splined guides, enlarging the grooves in the edges

The sliding shelves shown in the photo are removable so you can take your bits where they are needed.

1" diameter holes



4 5/16" A 1/2"




18 V2"

10 1/8" 1 9/16" 10 1/8"


24 15/16" Plan of sliding shelves

and sanding a little stock from the bottom faces so the shelves slide easily. Wax the grooves in the shelves to help them move smoothly. I drilled holes and mounted dowels in the sliding trays to help organize the bits and accessories and keep them in place. The shelves slide all the way out of the storage box so you can use them as a caddy or tray to carry the bits.

To raise the top of the router table, lift it all the way up and push down near the bottom of the support arm to slip the locking bolt into the short portion of the L-slot. Tighten the knob to make sure the top doesn't slam down unexpectedly. PW

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