Popular Woodworking 2000-01 № 112, страница 51

Popular Woodworking 2000-01 № 112, страница 51



The perfect place to store and display your

everyday china so it's at arm's length when dinnertime comes.

by David Thiel

f you want to show off your dinnerware, glass doors and open shelving do a better job than standard kitchen cabinets. So rather than remodeling your kitchen, add this hanging cupboard to your dining area.

I chose ash because its light color complements the cabinet's open design. Begin construction by gluing up any panels you might need.

When the glue is dry and the panels have been sanded or planed flat, cut them to finished size. Then cut a V2" x V2" rabbet on the back edge of the top and bottom pieces, and the same sized stopped rabbet on the sides. Next mark the horizontal divider, vertical divider, sides, top and bottom for biscuits to hold the case together. Cut the slots and assemble the case by first gluing the horizontal divider in place between the two vertical dividers. Then glue this assembly in place between the top and bottom, flushing it to the inside of the back rabbet. Finally glue the sides on.

Next cut the pieces necessary to form the 3/s" -thick back. The diagram shows a detail of the back pieces.

When the glue is dry, chisel out the cor-

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