Popular Woodworking 2002-02 № 126, страница 38

Popular Woodworking 2002-02 № 126, страница 38


table saws

We test 9 popular contractor-style saws to find out

who makes the finest machine. While we're at it, we also show you how to make difficult cuts easily and safely.

During a tool demonstration a while back our staff was honestly a little scared and concerned to see an "experienced" woodworker rip a board by standing to the side of the saw and pushing the board through sideways. We realized that while the manuals included with table saws give you basic

safety tips, the advice doesn't always sink in — sometimes with disastrous results.

For the new woodworker, it's imperative to learn the correct, safe way to use this dangerous ma

chine — saws with a circular blade are the No. 1 cause of accidents in U.S. woodshops. For those who have been using table saws for years, it's best to stop and think about the way you're now using

by David Thiel

Questions or comments? You can contact David at 513-531-2690 ext.255 or at david.thiel@fwpubs.com.

the saw, rather than risk an injury.

Entire books have been written on setting up and using the table saw, so we can't tell you everything about using a saw here. But we will give you the basics on safety, and ripping and cross-cutting both plywood and solid wood. Once the basics are in place,

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