Popular Woodworking 2002-04 № 127, страница 49

Popular Woodworking 2002-04 № 127, страница 49

Once you learn to sharpen, you need to purchase a decent plane. We've reviewed all of the new jack planes available on the market today and one of Stanley's classic 100-year-old planes, which you'll see at flea markets almost anywhere. Find a plane that fits your budget, sharpen the iron and get ready to tune it up for work.

Set-up: Same for Antique and New Jack Planes

All planes (old and new) require "fettling," also called tuning. In general, the more money you pay up front for your plane, the less fettling you're in for. On average, expect to spend anywhere from one to six hours to fettle a plane.

Begin by working on the sole. To be fair, there are people out there who insist the sole must be lapped 100 percent dead flat and be as shiny as a mirror when done. Others say that sole flatness is highly overrated, and the only thing you need to be worried about are major warps and bows.

It's been my experience that the truth is somewhere between. I lap my soles so that the area in front of the mouth is flat. And I make sure that most of the sole (especially the edges) is flat behind the mouth. I don't worry much about the extreme front and rear of the sole. These are more likely to be out of kilter, especially if the plane has ever been


Learning to set up a bench plane for woodworking is a major accomplishment. I can remember pulling my first perfect shaving from a maple board after hours of practice. Excited, I held up the shaving like a fresh kill and showed it to my wife. "Urn, that's nice, dear," she said. If this article helps you tune up a plane, we want you to know that — unlike your spouse — we're excited about your accomplishment. And we want to give you a little something to recognize the moment.We've ordered a big batch of embroidered badges that are in the spirit of the merit badges that Boy Scouts earn on their path to becoming Eagle Scouts.We think they look quite nice on a shop apron.

Once you get your plane in tune, put your best shaving in an envelope along with a self-addressed stamped envelope and send them to: Popular Woodworking Hand Plane Merit Badge 1507 Dana Ave.

lane, we want you to e're excited



Cincinnati, OH 45207

We'll send you the free badge, and then you can show that to your spouse. To which he or she will probably reply, "That's nice." And remember: Don't forget to include the self-addressed stamped envelope.That will ensure you get your free badge.

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