Popular Woodworking 2002-10 № 130, страница 36

Popular Woodworking 2002-10 № 130, страница 36


Turn your metalworking drill press table into a woodworking table in just a few hours and with only a few dollars worth of materials.

Despite the fact that your drill press is designed mostly for poking holes in sheet metal, it has many uses in a woodshop. It's a mortiser, a spindle sander, it bores huge holes and - of course - drills holes at perfect right angles to the table. Because the table on most drill presses is designed for metalworking, it's hardly suited for these tasks.

So I built this add-on table with features that will turn your drill press into a far friendlier machine: • First, it has a fence that slides forwards and backwards as well as left and right on either side of the drill press's column. This last feature also uses the drill press's tilting table feature with the auxiliary table for angled drilling.

by David Thiel

Comments or questions? Contact David at 513-531-2690 ext. 1255 or david.thiel@fwpubs.com.


Popular Woodworking October 2002

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