Popular Woodworking 2003-04 № 133, страница 50

Popular Woodworking 2003-04 № 133, страница 50


Continue honing the edge by switch ing to a 4,000-grit stone. Remove the burr on the backside with the 8,000-grit stone.

After working the 4,000-grit stone, here's what the secondary bevel should look like. It got a little bigger and it is more polished.

ping their edges at this point with a piece of hard leather that has been charged with honing compound. I don't find it necessary. In fact, if you're not careful, you will round over your cutting edge while stropping.

Remove the tool from your

honing guide, wipe it down with a little oil to prevent rusting and go to work on some end grain.

The tool should slice through the wood with little effort. And if that doesn't convince you of the value of sharpening, I don't know what will. PW

Here's how to test your edge without flaying your finger open. Pull your thumbnail across the edge at about a 90° angle. If the edge catches and digs in immediately, you're sharp. If it skids across your thumbnail, you have more work to do.



800-225-1153, woodcraft.com

Side-clamp honing guide Item # 03A21, $12.99

DuoSharp 8" coarse/x-coarse Item # 140966, $79.99

Norton 1,000/4,000 waterstone Item # 818263, $54.99

Norton 8,000 waterstone Item # 822462, $89.99

Veritas honing jig Item # 03B41, $24.99

Lie-Nielsen (800-327-2520 or lie-nielsen.com) sells the Norton stones. The 1,000/4,000 stone is $45; the 8,000 stone is $75.

Prices correct at time of publication


There are a lot of honing guides on the market these days.After trying out most of them, I'm convinced these two will handle almost all your edge tools.

The gray side-clamp jig you see at every woodworking show and store is the workhorse in my sharpening kit.You can find this tool for about $7 to $13.

The Veritas jig will help you hone tools that would normally have to be sharpened freehand. It's a good investment.

None of these gray jigs I've inspected grind a perfectly square edge, but they're real close. Be sure to tighten the jig's clamp with a screwdriver when you fix the tool in the honing guide.

The Veritas guide (Lee Valley Tools, 800-871-8158 or leevalley.com) can handle many oddball tools. It easily clamps skew chisels, shoulder-plane blades, irons that are tapered in width and some not-so-stubby Japanese chisels. I don't use this jig as much for my run-of-the-mill plane blades and chisels with straight sides. It's much easier to clamp these in the gray side-clamp jig and go.



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