Popular Woodworking 2003-10 № 136, страница 56

Popular Woodworking 2003-10 № 136, страница 56


T-square Router Guide


hen using a hand-held router to cut dados, grooves and rabbets, the part of the setup that eats most of your time is positioning the edge

guide or straightedge. This T-shaped jig simplifies that chore - just use the short crossbar to instantly position the longer straightedge.

Before you can use this jig, you must cut dados in the crossbar - one on either side of the straightedge. Place the jig over a large wooden scrap and butt the crossbar against an edge. Clamp the jig to the scrap and cut the dados with a straight bit, keeping the router pressed against the straightedge. NOTE: Once you have cut these dados, you can only use the jig with that particular router and that bit. The dados won't line up with different tools.

Lay out the joints on the workpiece. Place the jig across the wood, butt the crossbar against an edge or end and line up one of the dados with the layout lines. Then clamp the jig to the workpiece and cut the joint using the straightedge to guide the router, just as you did when you made the dados in the crossbar.


1'/2" Tf-3/4"


30" —

3/4" x 3/8" dado

#10 x 1V4" flat-head wood screws

V2" x 3/8" dado


56 Popular Woodworking October 2003

Everything you need to know about the router in one special section!

For many woodworkers, one of their first tools is the router, but there often isn't enough instruction about how to use it. This series aims to fix that by giving you everything you ever wanted to know.

Chapter 1 Fixed-base Router

An in-depth look at the basics of router set-up, rules every woodworker should know, vital bits to have in your shop and loads of tips & tricks.


Chapter 2 Plunge Router

A look at versatile plunge routers and information about router maintenance.

Chapter 3

The Router Table

Which routers work best in a table? Plus lots of table tricks.

Chapter 4 Router Joinery

A great tool for joinery, we tell you how to rout all kinds of tight joints.

Chapter 5

Use Your Router to Build Drawers

An excellent application for a table or hand-held router.

Chapter 6 Edge & Surface Treatments

Spice up your projects with these special edge shapes.

Chapter 7



We comb our resources to give you some special tips and projects to work on.

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