Popular Woodworking 2004-02 № 139, страница 58

Popular Woodworking 2004-02 № 139, страница 58


Finger-joint Jig

This jig will evenly space notches as you cut them, allowing you to make perfect finger joints. It's designed to mount on any miter gauge and will work great on your router table (or, if you're so inclined, you also can use it on your table saw).

Make the face and the mount from cabinet-grade plywood and the stop from hardwood. If you wish, you can make several different faces, each with a different-sized stop. This will enable you to cut different sizes of finger joints.

To use the jig, screw or bolt the mount to a miter gauge. Loosen the wing nuts that secure the face to the mount and slide the face sideways until the stop is the proper distance away from the bit. When the stop is positioned properly, tighten the wing nuts.

5/i6" x 11/2" carriage bolt,

washer & wing nut


Exploded view

Top view

5/i6" wd slot with 3/4" c'bore


IV2" 1 2"

6V4" 6V4"


-V16" dia. thru


Mount layout

Everything you need to know about the router in our special series!

For many woodworkers, one of their first tools is the router, but there often isn't enough instruction about how to use it. This series aims to fix that by giving you everything you ever wanted to know.

Chapter 4 Router Joinery

A great tool for joinery, the router is perfect for making all kinds of tight joints — rabbets, dados, grooves, mortise-and-tenons, dovetails and more.

4 ga^ay

Front view

Illustrations by Mary Jane Favorite


Chapter 5 (issue #140)

Use Your Router to Build Drawers

An excellent application for a table or hand-held router.

Chapter 6 (#141) Edge & Surface Treatments

Spice up your projects with these special edge shapes.

Chapter 7 (#142)

Advanced Techniques

We comb our resources to give you some special tips and projects to work on.


Chapter 1 (#136)

Fixed-base Router

The basics of router set-up and rules every woodworker should know.

Chapter 2 (#137)

Plunge Router

An in-depth look at versatile plunge routers.

Chapter 3 (#138) The Router Table

Learn which routers work best in a table and get lots of table tricks.

Popular Woodworking

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