Popular Woodworking 2008-06 № 169, страница 38

Popular Woodworking 2008-06 № 169, страница 38

all 7/i6"-nut drivers will fit in the Vs" holes. I had success with a VV-drive set.) Measure the width ofthe top. You may find it somewhat different than the 13" dimension because slight differences in thickness of the slats orspacers are cumulative. In any case, the final width is important for cutting the threaded rod. Subtract V2" from the measured top width and record this number.

Disassemble the top and use a hacksaw to cut the threaded rods to that length. File the ends ofthe rods to eliminate any sharp or jagged edges, and test them with the nuts to ensure they thread easily. Assemble the top as before and tighten the nuts "finger tight." Check and adjust the spacers so they are all aligned, then tighten the nuts firmly. Using a waterproof glue orepoxy, glue in the ebony plugs you made earlier. When cured, cut off the excess being careful not to mar the slats. Sand smooth to complete the top assembly.

. -i lV'- h-


bottom rail detail

Notch for bridle joint----*]-j i •

with keel slat _J i" L_ T

top rail detail

keel slat detail

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