Popular Woodworking 2009-04 № 175, страница 51

Popular Woodworking 2009-04 № 175, страница 51

Front... While the glue on i I the box dries, head back to the band saw to work on the drawers. Set the fence for a ]/l" spacing and cut each of the fronts from the drawers.

... and back. Reset the fence for ]/a ' and repeat the process to remove the backs of all four drawers. Check twice before you make the cut to ensure you're actually cutting off the back and not the front. Easy mistake.

3 Other clamps. The other perfect clamp for band-sawn I <3 boxes is a one-handed, fast-adjust clarrp. It only takes a little pressure to hold the drawers together, but the real benefit is in their one-handed operation. You need the other hand to adjust the pieces so they're aligned properly. Otherwise you add a lot of sanding and end up with a misshapen drawer. The wide, soft pads on the clamps are pretty useful, too.

9 Smooth curves. With the drawers separated from the box, it 's time to move to the spindle sander. These openings ate a nice size to accommodate a spindle drum of a larger diameter, making it an easier sanding operation.

"f f\ Good damps.

i 1/ Wooden handscrews are often seen as archaic and interesting, but not often used. Part of the problem, I believe, is that they take some getting used to for the perfect adjustment. It's worth the effort. These clamps are perfect for working with band-sawn boxes. The wide, long and flat faces allow even pressure across a number of awkward locations. As seen here, the clamps easily reach across each of the drawer dividers to make sure the box is strong and the seams are tight.

Trapezoid. A rectangle didn't work for the look, so I decided on a trapezoid shape for the handles. This also makes them better handles, so two good reasons to get the fingers close to the sanding disc.

£~ Pull! Tor the longer side of the handles, i O I moved to the belt sander. Do be cautious here, because it doesn't take much to launch the handle across the room. It makes sense to make an extra handle or two, just in <.»«•. PW —DT

A Handles. I opted for a different handle i m than Lois had drawn, feeling that the grain of the mahogany was so attractive that I didn't want to hide it with a larger handle. I was looking around the shop and found a leftover strip of ebony and decided that would do nicely. I first cut the handles to size (3/su x Vs" x Va ").

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