Popular Woodworking 2009-12 № 180, страница 46

Popular Woodworking 2009-12 № 180, страница 46


LS1016L Miter Saw

Here at work, we get to try every brand of miter saw available. And when we go to our shops at home, a lot of us have Makita miter saws waiting for us there.

This year we brought the Makita LS1016L dual-sliding compound miter saw into our shop, and the entire staff has been overjoyed with it. It has guts. Sure, every miter saw says it's a 15-amp tool, but Makita's motors squeeze an astonishing amount of oomph from a wall socket. And the saw features electronic feedback to keep the rpm up under a heavy load.

Also great: This model features four steel rails. Why

should you care? Accuracy. Many two-rail saws can deHect. And when mitering, even a little deHection is a disaster.

This saw has great capacity, both vertically (up to 43H-") and with your work Hat on the table (12"). The laser is a nice bonus. And the saw comes with a blade you won't have to replace as soon as you open the box.

Once again, Makita has won our hearts with a world-class miter saw.


BTD144 Impact Driver

Makita cordless drill-drivers have long been a favorite in our shop, and so it was a bit of a surprise when an 18-volt cordless impact driver became an object of envy.

There is a lot to like. It's compact, powerful and capable of great finesse - not something you hear a lot when discussing impact drivers. By pressing a button you can vary the tool's torque to deal with soft, medium or hard materials.

Add to that Makita's reliability, battery technology and a useful task light (that we love) and we knew we had a winner.

KREG Beaded Face-frame System

There are lots of ways to make mitered beading in a face frame that require expensive machines, some serious hand skills or a master's touch with a table saw.

Now Kreg Tool has invented a way for the rest of us to make these eye-catching frames. If you incorporate beaded face frames into many of your projects (or you are a professional kitchen cabinet maker and want to set yourself apart) this is a clever system to consider.

Here's how it works: Thanks to a special sliding fence you can plunge your stile material straight onto a special notching bit (included with the kit). This bit easily plows out the mitered section in the stile, a cut that many woodworkers struggle to make.

Then you just move the fence's stop, notch the ends of your rails with the same


■ kregtool.com ■ 800-447-8638

bit and add your beading. The system is ideal for those who use pocket screws to assemble face frames. PW

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