77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 11

77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 11


(5VS>" x 793A")

4'/a" x 5%" plastic bin

NOTE: all pieces

(except bin stops) are %"-thick stock


Hardware Bin Rack

The pegboard storage cabinet is great for tools and supplies. But if you want to get even more use out of the cabinet, you can build this optional hardware bin. Mounted to the underside of the cabinet, the bin rack is just a series of cubby holes that are sized to hold plastic storage bins.

To make the bin rack, start by cutting the top and bottom to size. Then cut a series of evenly spaced dadoes on the inside face of each piece to hold the dividers (see detail 'a'). The ends of the bin rack are rabbeted to hold the top and bottom. And the dividers are cut to fit in the dadoes.

Before assembling the rack, I cut a kerf near the back edge of the bottom for some hardboard stops that will be added later. (The location of this kerf will depend on the size of the plastic storage bins that you're going to be using.)

Stops - Once the rack is assembled, you can cut some bin stops out of W pegboard and

(51/2" X


p/4" x 1" - 7914

glue them into the kerf all along the back of the rack.

Before you can mount the bin rack to the storage cabinet, you'll need to add a strip of wood to the top of the rack to act as a spacer between the rack and the recessed bottom of the cabinet. Once this is done, the rack can be attached to the cabinet with woodscrews.


C/z" x 41A" -y4" pegboard)

Hardware Storage. This optional storage unit mounts to the bottom of the cabinet and holds up to sixteen plastic hardware storage bins.

hardware bin rack mounts behind face frame


4V»" x 5%" plastic bin


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