77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 12

77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 12

An afternoon is

all it takes to tune-up your saw for peak performance and precision results.


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Like most things with moving parts, a table saw requires periodic maintenance and upkeep to keep it running at peak performance. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to put off a tune-up to the point where your cuts aren't accurate or the controls become stiff and stubborn to adjust.

But there is an upside. Keeping your table saw clean, well-adjusted, and lubricated doesn't take all that much effort, time, or a lot of specialized tools. As a matter of fact, you really don't need much more than what you see in the photo above. In a short afternoon, you can have your table saw running great, with smooth and precise cuts to show for your efforts.


1. Start with a Good Scrub

ShopNotes No. 77

One of the most important things you can do to keep your table saw in top shape is a simple cleaning once a month. If sawdust, pitch, and resin are allowed to build up inside the cabinet, it won't be too long before worm gears are gummed up and cranks become difficult to operate. This can be a constant source of frustration any time you try to adjust the saw blade.

To start the process, the first thing to do is unplug your saw and then use an air compressor to blow

Keep It Clean. Common shop solvents are all you'll need to clean off the caked-on pitch and resin that builds up inside a table sav</.

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