79 - Slant Front Tool Cart, страница 30

79 - Slant Front Tool Cart, страница 30

One side of the storage

case holds chippers

and shims and the other holds scoring blades.

ShopNotes No. 79

Use your dado blade to build its own a storage case and keep everything organized and protected.

It seems Jike I use the dado blade in my shop almost every day. So it didn't take long for the bulky cardboard box the blade came in to fall apart.

To solve this problem, I made this easy-to-build storage case to keep all the parts together and within easy reach. All you have here is a two-sided open case. One side holds the scoring blades, and the opposite side holds the chippers and shims, as in the photo on the left. To keep the case lightweight yet sturdy, I built it from V2" Baltic birch plywood and used basic dado joinery to put it together.

Getting Started. If you take a look at the drawing on page 31, you'll see how the case goes together.

Since the sides (A) and bottom (B) are the same width and will have the same center groove, 1 found it easier to make them all at the same time.


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