82 - The Complete Miter Saw Workstation, страница 47

82 - The Complete Miter Saw Workstation, страница 47

A Portable Pail:

RAP-100 QuickWinder

One of the more interesting cord reels I've run across is shown at the right. It's the RAP-100 from Reel-A-Pail, Inc. At first glance, the reel looks more like a typical drywall bucket. But it's what's on the inside that makes it work like a charm.

A cord mount slipped inside the bucket allows you to quickly and easily wind up a cord using the fold-down knob. I was amazed at how little time this took. And unwinding the cord is just as smooth. You can install the cord so either the plug or outlet will roll out right behind you as you walk away.


The bucket is attached to a solid base that you can mount to a wall or bench if you'd like. But I find that keeping it portable makes it easy to use anywhere I need it.

The RAP-100 is part of the QuickWinder Reel System. This system features reels that will hold up to 1600' of any type of corded product (depending on the diameter of the cord). So you can store and use anything in the reel, from rope and wiring, to air hoses and communication cabling.

The RAP-100 goes for about $55. For sources, turn to page 51.

The WonderWinder. Most fixed reels come with the extension cord built in. To make use of an extension cord you already have, take a look at the cord reel above.

Although it looks a little unconventional, the WonderWinder is a handy little cord reel. Once you're done with the cord, simply crank the handle (you can mount it for left or right-hand use) and wind the cord back into the mesh basket underneath. The reel comes with two wall-mounts, so you can just "pop" it off the wall and use your cord in another location.


The fixed cord reel in my shop sees a lot of use. But if I'm working around the house or even out in the yard, I want to be able to take my extension cord with me. So I also have a portable cord reel, like the ones at the right, when I need a little extra "reach" away from the shop.

Wind It Manually. One downside of a portable cord reel is it doesn't have an automatic retract feature. So you'll have to wind the cord back into the reel by hand. Now that's usually not a big deal, but it's something to consider if the cord reel has 100' of cord on it.

Like most fixed reels, these portable models feature multiple outlets. But here, the outlets are built into the face of the reel, like you see at right.

Most of the cords on these units are designed for light to medium duty. So you have to be sure not to overload the reel trying to use more than one tool at a time. Or even a single tool that draws a lot of power.

One last choice. If you'd like a portable reel for an extension cord you already have, check out the box below. It features a unique portable cord reel I'm going to be using in my workshop. &

Light-Duty. This ► cord reel is compact and lightweight. So it's fine for light-duty use around the home and shop.

Medium-Duty. A

longer (100'), 14 gauge cord makes this reel the perfect choice when the nearest outlet is a long distance away.

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