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Lower Cabinet

This lower cabinet packs a lot of storage space into a small area — perfect for those few tools that really don't fit in the cabinet. Plus, the drop-down door serves as a worksurface near your drill press.

If you look at Figure 1 below, you'll notice that the construction is pretty much the same as the upper cabinet. The only differences are the size of the cabinet and door. And instead of racks, the inside of the lower case has a drawer and a small shelf. I put in a "lip" to prevent bits and other accessories from rolling out.

The lower cabinet is screwed to the upper cabinet. But 1 added a hardboard spacer between them so the upper door will have enough clearance to open and close, as in Figure 1. The spacer is glued to the lower cabinet flush with the back and then it can be fastened to the upper case.

drawer side

(2'A x 4!i -Vz Ply.)


(3Vz x 13 -V4 Hdbd.)



case top/bottom

x 13'/?. - % Ply.)

case side

(5 x 12 -% Ply.)

case panel

(13 x 11 - '/z Ply.)

Door Supports. As I mentioned before, you can use the door as a worksurface. To do this, you'll need to install a pair of lid stays to support the door. When you're ready to install them, clamp the door at 90° and screw the stays into the cabinet sides and the door panel. Just make sure these supports clear the lip along the bottom of the lower cabinet when you close the door.

Making the Drawer. The

drawer slides on a hardboard base, just like the adjustable racks for the upper cabinet (Figure 2). The drawer is built using simple rabbet joints. And a cutout in the front serves as the pull.

Now you have storage and flexibility for your drill press with this handy cabinet nearby.


(13 x 11 - Vz Ply.)



door top/bottom

(1 X 13'/2 --


door side

(1 x 12 -% Ply.)

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