84, страница 34

84, страница 34

Accessory Cabinet

Customize your drill press storage with this handy cabinet that keeps everything easy to find.

A drill press is one of the most versatile machines in my shop. The problem is keeping track of all the bits and acces-,. sories that go with it. That's why I came up

with the cabinet pictured above.

One feature 1 like is that the low profile allows me to hang it near my drill press and not worry about it getting in the way (see inset photo above). Also, the adjustable racks can be set to best maximize the storage space. And some of the racks can be pulled out so you can take them with you to work on a project at your workbench.

An optional lower cabinet provides even more storage. And the drop-down door offers a handy extra worksurface. For more on this, turn to page 37.


ShopNotes No. 84

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