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▲ Michael Gerdes of New Bern, NC places old belts around the jaws of his machinist vise to protect the piece he's working on. He cuts the belts to fit around the jaws and then punches new notches in each belt.

Quick Tips

A Choose A Straightedge. The

straightedge should have enough height and length to butt up against several teeth on the saw blade.

A Line Up the Cut. To make a quick and accurate cut, you can simply line up the workpiece with the left edge of the tape.

Miter Gauge Alignment Mark

Whenever I need to cut a number of pieces using the miter gauge on my table saw, I find that I often spend quite a bit of time between cuts aligning the blade with my cut marks. So to speed up the process and still make accurate cuts, I applied a mark to my saw table to help me quickly line up these cuts.

I didn't want a permanent mark on the table of my saw, so I used a piece of blue painter's tape as my marker. The tape is easy to see and can be quickly removed without leaving sticky residue behind.

First, I laid a strip of tape about 2" in front of the blade. I wanted the edge of the tape aligned with the teeth of the blade, so I used a long piece of aluminum angle to butt up against several of the teeth. Next, cut along the straightedge and remove the left side of the tape. Then just align the mark on the workpiece with the left edge of the tape and make the cut.

Len Urban Rancho Mirage, California

A Apply the Tape. First, apply a piece of painter's tape to the top of the saw table a few inches in front of the blade of the saw.

A Trim Along the Straightedge.

Line up the straightedge with the blade, cut a line through the tape, and remove the piece on the left.

A To keep debris off of his band saw tires. Chad Husting of Mason, OH cuts off the head of a toothbrush and glues it to a stack of magnets so that it rubs against the tire.

A vacuum extension mounted p-to the wall lets Mike Oslund of San Antonio, TX get rid of his dust pan. He just sweeps dust to the nozzle.



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