87, страница 42

87, страница 42

Small Parts Storage

These simple solutions can clear up the clutter and get your shop drawers organized now.

ShopNotes No. 87

The system consists of identical strips made from W'-thick hardwood, as in Figure 1. The strips are notched so they interlock to form a secure grid. Then, it's just a matter of fitting them together and slipping the grid into the drawer (Figures 2 and 2a).

Deep Drawers. A simple grid system works well for shallow drawers, but it's all too easy for stuff to get lost in deep drawers. To solve this problem, 1 like to divide each deep drawer into two layers (drawing on opposite page). For the bottom layer, I made a divided box. When you measure for the box, you'll want to leave a Vie" gap between the box and the drawer. This way you can take the box out if you ever need to.

space c dividers l. as desired

The secret to good organization is to divide and conquer your storage space. And one of the easiest ways to maximize storage space in the shop is to take control of the chaos in your shop drawers.

Shallow Drawers. A drop-in grid system (pictured above) is an ideal way to organize shallow drawers.



inside height of drawer

space dividers



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