89, страница 24

89, страница 24

24 ShopNotes No. 89



completing the

Router Table

ki"-wide adjustment slot





drill three pairs of 7/ie"-dia. holes for fence adjustment

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insert plate rests-on adjustment screws

1"- dia. ■ counterbqre j

aluminum miter track


With the top in place on the work-center, your table saw is back in business. So now you can set your sights on completing the router table. This comes down to three things — installing the phenolic insert plate in the top, adding a miter track, and finally, building and installing the fence.

Insert Plate. To me, an insert plate isn't an extra, it's a must. It saves a huge amount of effort on bit changes and generally makes using the router table easier. So I added a heavy-duty insert plate with "pop out" collars, like you see in Figure 11 and the photo on the next page. There you'll also find the procedure for fitting the insert.

Miter Track. After installing the insert, adding the aluminum miter track is next up. To do this, I simply routed an appropriately sized

groove and then screwed the track in place, as shown in Figure 11.

The Fence. Now all that's left is a fence. Take a look at Figure 12, and you'll see the practical answer. The fence I built is simply a hardwood base and face screwed together in an "L" shape. Four braces keep it square and large cutouts provide plenty of bit clearance.

Smooth, easy adjustment is important, and this job is handled by a pair of slots in the fence base

and studded knobs that screw into T-nuts installed in the top (Figures 12a and 12b). For a wider adjustment range, I installed three sets of T-nuts, as shown in Figure 11 and 11a. As you can see, the T-nuts are countersunk on the underside of the top. You'll want to do this after drilling the shank holes.

That's it. YoLtr new workcenter is ready to go. But before putting it to the test, you might want to check out the outfeed stand on page 26.

FIRST: locate and cut

opening for insert plate so its centered on router table case



studded knob & washer

NOTE: all router table fence farts are made from v-thick hardwood


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