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Stop Block & Hold-Down

While the table and fence on page 18 are a great addition to any drill press, you can make them even more useful with a couple of handy accessories — a stop block and an adjustable hold-down. Note: You can use these accessories on any table or fence with T-track.

The stop block makes it easy to drill a hole in the same location on any number of workpieces. And the adjustable hold-down can be placed anywhere along the T-track to secure a workpiece with the quick-action toggle clamp.

Stop Block. The best thing about the stop block is its simplicity. It's just a piece of plywood with a hole drilled in it. A flange bolt, washer, and knob secure it in place (Figure 1). And rounded corners provide dust relief.

Hold-Down. The details for building the hold-down are shown

in Figure 2. Like the stop block, it mounts to the T-track in the table with a flange bolt, washer, and knob. To minimize its profile, I trimmed it to a triangular shape and then sanded all the corners smooth (Figure 2a).

All that's left to complete the hold-down is to add the toggle clamp. The nice thing about the

Dust Collection Notch

For the dust collection system of the drill press table to work properly, the base of the fence requires a "dust port." This port is just a notch cut at the table saw, as you can see in the drawing below.

To create this notch, I installed a wide dado blade and raised it to a height of 1". Note: The dimensions listed are for an 8"-dia. dado blade. Since the notch is not a through cut, the next step is to draw a line

on the top of your table saw to indicate where to stop the fence base for each cut as you widen the notch. I located my layout line 2V4" back from the leading edge of the dado blade, as you can see in the drawing below.

Once you have the layout line located, all that's left to do is cut the notch. For better support, I added an auxiliary fence to my miter gauge (drawing below). &

Drill Press Table:


A Positioning the Table. To ensure the drill press table is positioned properly for the sanding drum inserts, use a blank insert with the centerpoint of the hole located. Then just bolt the table in place.


flange bolt

align hole with t-track

stop block

knob NOTE: block is

mape from v plywoop

toggle clamp is that the clamping pad is adjustable. This feature allows you to securely clamp workpieces of varying thicknesses to the drill press table.

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flange bolt






NOTE: holp-pown clamp secures workpiece to prill press table


prill holes in both corners for appep versatility

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