Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 108




Detail: slotted cleat

■ iinl mi thai ihc slots are at right angles to the

■ > ai 1 tun these llush with the upper edges of the . (i .iip|*'iis, and fasten them with four screws

'■nli ( tn the back boards to length and fasten tin id with upper and lower cleats. Round off the > mis -I the cleats for a better appearance. Mount iIn hack assembly into the slots, and cut and »|i.ip< the armrests as indicated The armrests li uiUI extend about I ■/' beyond the chair back. < tit the ccntcr clcal and bevel the top edge to fit

snugly up against the armrest. Clamp these together and drill for 'A x 3" carriage bolts.

Add triangular arm braces with two screws in each, and finally the front apron and lower leg brace. Round off the ends of these members with a rasp or Surform®. Tighten all screws and carriage bolts, drag the chair out into the sun, and enjoy a tall, cold drink. Sorry about those Havana cigars.


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