Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 106


Botterfly-Wi no Leaf >s opfokh" - yzsicxik

canons of two pairs of hinges equally spaced. To d the lunge leaves flat it will be necessary to fougc a groove to recess each hinge barrel, as shown in the detail. After the top has been hinged, place the assembled table frame, with leaf supports, on the underside of the top and mark ihc locations of the pivot-pin holes. The top is fastened to the frame by drilling and counter-borinp two holes in each upper end rail for wood

screws to be driven up into the top. Drill undersized pilot holes in the lop to receive these screws.

Select a desired stain and apply sufficient coats to achieve the shade you want. Wipe off excess stain between coats. Allow stain to dry for 24 hours before applying a sealer. When the sealer is thoroughly dry, sand lightly and apply a good grade of low-luster varnish, sanding lightly between coats.


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