Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 149


Candle Sconce

This sconce will make a most welcome gift. Chances are you'll want to make a pair for yourself also; they look very attractive flanking a pine mirror.

Prepare a turning blank 2Vt" square x 12" long. This length will permit turning both the candleholder and the short, tenoned mounting arm in one operation. After roughing a cylinder to diameter, the various elements of the turning can be cut with small and large gouges and a skewed chisel.

Sand the turnings at slow speed and burnish to a soft glow with a thin strip of maple before removing them from the lathe and separating the parts. Drill out a ^"-diameter socket for the candle and drill a ^"-diameter socket in the turning for the mounting stub.

Prepare a template to transfer the shape of the back and run a cove-molded edge around using a router and %" coving bit. Sand the back and stain the turning and back to suit. Drill the back to take the turned stub, which is glued into the turning and back. Drill an angled hole near the top edge of the back to hang on a finishing nail and finish with several coats of satin urethane varnish.



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