Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 181


Three Gift Projects

Kangaroo Puzzle

This is a jigsaw puzzle that young children are certainly going to enjoy taking apart and putting together.

Trace the pattern on a 7"-wide x 11 "-long block of l%"-thick pine (actual). Using a jigsaw, carefully cut along all lines as shown.

Build the cage from Vt" stock according to the dimensions shown. Use glue to fasten all joints, A narrow strip of leather tacked in place serves as the bottom hinge. Another narrow strip of leather fastened to a peg is used to "latch" the cage shut.

Reassemble the kangaroo in order to give the outside flat surfaces a good sanding. Use paint or a felt-tip pen to create the eyes.

We didn't apply any finish to our happy marsupials, choosing to leave them in their natural state.


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