Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 182


Turtle Pull Toy

Start making the shell by gluing and clamping a piece of 1 x 6 x 10" pine to the top of a piece % x 6 x 10". Set aside and allow to dry.

Referring to the pattern provided, cut out the front feet and head, and the back feet and tail from 1" stock. Cut out and glue a 1 x 2% x 3" piece to the top of the head. Allow to dry and then cut to the same shape as the lower half of the head. Use a rasp, file, and sandpaper to shape the head and shell. Drill the head and insert %" rounded dowel "eyes."

Use a 1 %" hole cutter to cut out two wheels from 1" stock. Cut the axle block from % x IX x 2Yi" material. Drill a axle hole and glue the block to the shell underside. Assemble and glue the ^"-diameter axle to the wheels. Attach the front and back feet to the shell with pivot screws as shown. Use a piece of heavy wire to link the wheels to the front and back feet. Add a wide smile and bright pair of eyes with some paint or a felt-tip pen.

Here's a delightful pull toy that's guaranteed to light up the face of any preschooler. Even Mom and Dad feel compelled to "show Junior how to use it."


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