Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 185



An arrow is perhaps the most logical design for pointing the direction of the wind, and this one is adapted from an old and rather ornate vane.

Jigsaw addicts will have a good time shaping this design from % x 6 x 42" pine. The original vane pivoted on a %" rod sunk into a 3'-long flat pole which was %" thick, tapered from 2" at the

bottom to at the top, and beveled at the top to drain rainwater. A washer was soldered to the rod as shown.

Stain the arrow and give it three coats of spar varnish; or seal the wood and paint it a dark red, black, or some other dark color.


Ever since the Garden of Eden, snakes have been cast as villains in mythology; and though some people are repelled by these reptiles, we decided to include this eighteenth-century design because it's probably the most striking and original weather vane we've ever seen.

Temporarily butt two jointed 1 x 6 x 36" pine boards together and transfer the pattern. Lay out %" dowel locations so they will reinforce the body

of the snake. Drill for the dowels and edge join the boards with water-resistant glue.

Lay out and bore a hole for the mounting rod, drilling through from both edges if necessary. Jigsaw the snake and finish sand. The snake may be stained and spar varnished or painted whatever color suits your fancy. Dark colors will stand out better against the sky.


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