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Two hundred years ago when the codfish played a major role in the economy of coastal New England, its effigy graced many roof ridges, steeples, and tavern signs. Its importance has lessened considerably, but the codfish still makes a fine weather vane or wall decoration.

The body, including the tail, can be jigsawed from a 1 x 8 x 30" piece of pine, after boring a shaft hole for a loose fit over the rod. Shape the fins separately from 14" pine and join them to the body with dowels and water-resistant glue. No self-respecting cod would appear in public Without its chin barbel (a fleshy appendage on

the lower jaw). This is duplicated with a nail forced through a predrilied hole and bent.

Apply primer and paint the codfish with oil paints. The underside is cream, within the limits of the dotted line shown. As a wall plaque, the cod can be painted or stained after sanding. Distress it slightly and use a dark stain such as Min-wax Special Walnut. Seal with several coats of satin varnish.

A large washer is soldered to the brass rod, If the rod is inserted into a wooden pole, bevel the top edge of the pole to drain rainwater.

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