Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 201


in the dadoes cut in the trim strips. Counterbore the side supports to a depth of X" and screw them to the end panels with Vk" round-headed screws. Do not glue the supports to the end panels.

Finishing nails can be driven through the rear panel and into the rear drawer supports, or the rear supports can be counterbored and screwed in the same manner as the side supports. If finishing nails are used, set them so the holes can be filled later.

Six % x drawer guides L are cut to length and fastened to the drawer supports with glue. Do not glue the guides to the end panels. The

three cleats around the top edge of the case (M and N) are screwed to the panels flush with the top edges. Before fastening, drill slightly oversize holes for round-headed screws to fasten the top.

Base trim H is shaped from %" x 3" x 8' oak. which can be cut with a router and beading bit. The trim is mitered and fastened to the chest front and back with glue and screws driven from the inside. The end trim strips are just screwed in place.

The top is glued up from four or five lengths of 1W oak, trimmed to finish size and edged with


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