Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 202


x 1" oak strips mitered at the corners. Fasten long strips with glue and finishing nails. Short edging is fastened with nails only.

Drawers are constructed of oak, using %" or W stock for the sides and back, %" stock for the drawer fronts and ply-wood for the bottoms. Ail drawers are flush-fitted in the openings, so it's best to cut the fronts a bit oversize and later trim them for an exact fit.

A dovetailed joint between the front and sides of the drawers is the preferred method of joining; however, the rabbeted and doweled joint shown in Figure 6 is both strong and good-looking. Note

that the drawer bottoms are held in grooves cut in the front and sides and are nailed to the bottom edges of the backs.

Cut the beveled trim panels from oak as shown in Detail B and fasten them to the drawer fronts with small brads. Then add the nose and cove molding around the drawer front, flush with the edges and with the coved portion of the molding facing in.

Two small % x % x 2" hardwood stop blocks are glued to each rear drawer support to prevent the drawers from butting against the rear panel. They are glued to the supports about 54" from the


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