Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 206


of Figure 2. Glue the muntin in place between the frame sides. Add decorative W dowel plugs at the corners, allowing them to protrude slightly.

Sand the completed frame carefully before staining. Cutting the glass to correspond with the curved rabbets is a nice touch, but not necessary, as a square-edge glass will be hidden. The two glass panes are held by four K"-square pine strips bradded to parts H; these are not shown in Figure 2.

Cut the X" hardboard dial panel L and two mounting cleats E. Over panel L is glued heavy

white paper with a 5%"-diameter dial and 5Vi"-diameter inner circle. The center of these concentric circles is located as shown in Figure 2 and is below the actual center of panel L.

If you prefer to make your ow n paper dial, the dial circles can be inked in with a drafting compass. The numerals, either roman or arabic, can be inked by hand, or transfer-type numerals can be purchased at art and drafting supply shops.

When you've completed the dial panel, drill a %" hole through the dial center. The movement is placed against the back of the panel with the


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