Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 241


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neered on both sides. This veneered panel is edged along both sides and front with % x strips. The whole unit is joined with tongues and grooves or with %" dowel pins.

The desk top is glued up from %" stock, edge joined, and reinforced with dowel pins or Vt," plywood splines.

It's a good idea to seal the underside of the top with several coats of varnish before installing it. On the outer edges, the top is held with screws

that go down through the top and into the rails of the base unit, and also into the top rail across the back. These screws are countersunk flush with the top since they will be covered when the rolltop unit is installed. If you wish to use the desk alone, without the rolltop unit, counterbore the screws and plug the holes with plugs cut from the face grain of scrap stock. The rolltop unit can be built at a later date as time and finances permit (see Part 11, following).


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