Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 40


The overall size of the sides is 10)4 x \6%". Cut the contour of the sides using the pattern (Figure 7). The sides are dadoed to receive the back and the shelf. The shelf is set into a dado that is stopped 1" from the front edge of the cabinet to prevent showing the dado.

The top and bottom edges receive 54 x tenons that fit into the bench seat and the top of the cabinet. A Vk" notch cut is made in the top rear

edge so the tenons will slip under the backrest. A simple butt joint is used between the back and the shelf. The top is made from a 10% x 12" piece, and made flush with the right side of the cabinet, extending over the left side and from.

There are two % x stopped dadoes in the top to receive the tenons of the sides. The cabinet can be glued up separately and then glued to the bench, or it can all be glued up together, includ-


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