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Beginning Woodworker (cont'd)

hardwood. These riven pins were then worked square, hexagonal or octagonal in section and when driven home, their sharp corners cut into the sides of the hole; increasing their holding power. The practice is still to be recommended when building antique reproductions of pine.

In modern practice, even when drawbored pins are used to lock a joint, the tenons are still carefully cut for a good fit and glued into the mortises. The pins can be considered as a decorative form of insurance against future glue failure.

The second group of joints that will hold without glue are the various forms employing wedges, though again in modern practice some of them are glued. The first example is a through tenon with double exposed wedges (Fig. 3). Note that the wedges



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are placed so that they are at a right angle to the grain direction of the mortised part. This is done to prevent splitting of the mortises. Often in contemporary work the wedges are made from a contrasting wood and add considerable visual interest to the joint if done neatly. Whether or not the wedges are emphasized, care should be exercised in cutting and placing them.

To make this joint, first cut the mortise and tenon in the usual way for a good fit. The tenon length is established by cutting the shoulders to allow the tenon to protrude about 1/16 inch from the mortised part when the joint is assembled. This allows the tenon stub to be trimmed neatly flush. A point well worth mentioning here is

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