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identical. Note that a Vx in. wide by V: in. deep rabbet is established on ihe bottom edge of both gables, enabling them to fit neatly within the house. Notch the gable ends so they Fit within the house, drill the 7-t in. diameter holes, then assemble the roof sections to the gable ends. It's best lo do this assembly with the gable ends in place on the house, lo insure that everything is in the proper orientation. If you tried to do it separately, something may slide out of position. As with the house, you can use some reinforcing brads at the hull joints if you prefer. When dry, drill a pair of '/i<> in. diameter holes in the peak of the roof lo hold the pair of doves.

Cut the shelf and shelf handle, referring lo the full-size handle profile, then assemble these parts.

6A1I that remains of the hull are a few details. Make ihe ramp as shown, notch the railing, and add the dowel pin and hole that enables the ramp to be locked tn position to ihe hull. Our ark has a natural finish on ihe house, with a dark oak

stain on tlte hull, lo pro\ ide a little contrast. If you used a lesser grade ply wood for your hull, be sure lo fill and sand any voids in the plywood (you wouldn't want the little ones getting splinters).

7 Now comes the real lun—cutting all those figures. If you have a scroll saw. this tool is vour best choice. But a coping saw. or a band saw equipped with a '/if. in. blade could also be used. Most of the figures shown are cut from Vk in. thick slock, but if your dimensions vary slightly, that's fine. You'll note that with some of the creatures, we'll show two different patterns, one for ihe male and one lor the female of ihe species. Where only one is shown, you'll just make two using the same pattern (it wouldn't make much sense to try lo show gender in snakes!). Note that we've added arrows to the patterns to suggest the best grain direction, which should help minimize breakage of narrow cross-grain parts. But cross grain i»n'i always avoidable, so take care while you cut.

Most of the animals are left natural, with just an oil finish applied. But the cockatoos—which are cut lo fit on ihe railing—are painted, as are Noah anil his wife. A little sawdust and glue serves as Noah's beard. Lengths of toothpicks glued into holes drilled in the doves serve as ihe means to mount them to the roof. Bui the doves aren't glued in place on the roof. Like all Ihe other figures, they'll pack neatly inside the ark when the lime comes to put this clever scene away.

Kit Source

A Project-PAK Stock Kit. complete with everything you'll need to build this project, including the high-quality, void-free birch plywood, solid oak, dowels and various woods for the animals and figures (you'll receive five different species of wood for the animals and figures, at least two of which will be exotics), all thicknessed to the dimensions specified in the illustrations, is available from:

Heritage Building Specialties 205 N. Cascade. Fergus Falls. MN 56537 tel. 1-800-524-4184 Ask lor Project-PAK kit no. WJ6933. Cost per kit is S32.95 postpaid


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