Woodworker's Journal 1993-17-6, страница 63


before adding the glue, it's a good idea to drive a couple of small brads into the edge of the back (see exploded \ iew), and snip the heads off so that about '/i*> in. protrudes. The brads will keep the parts from sliding out of position when clamp pressure is applied.

Next, join the bracket to (he shelf/back assembly with a pair of flathead screws as shown. Note that the top screw is counterbored and plugged. When drilling the shank hole for this screw, make it slightly oversized to allow the shelf to expand and contract with seasonal changes in the wood's moisture content. If the shelf is unable to move, stresses can build which could cause it to crack. And. for the same reason, don't use any glue here.

A coat of Minwax Mahogany Wood Finish followed by two coats of penetrating oil will complete the project. CZ2]


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