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Build a Bedroom Shelf

Build a shelf that is so strong it seems to be an optical illusion! You can put torsion box technology to work in a practical setting.

Like a large plank of solid wood, a single torsion box is of limited use. In the case of the large plank, we usually cut it into smaller pieces, which are then joined together in some way to make the desired object.

Not so with a T-box (torsion box). It differs from the large plank in two important ways. First, we can make it to any length, width and — most significant of all

— thickness we want. Second, because it is a structural component, we can use it in ways that are impossible with a plank. There are virtually no boundaries to how we can design and engineer ways to exploit its strengths: we are not bound by wood movement, grain direction or surface finish.

A Practice Shelf

As an example of what the T-box has to offer, here's how to use a T-box to make one or more shelves on a wall with no apparent means of support. This is a quick and easy project for your first keeper T-box. It should find a useful place in your shop

48 Build A Bedroom Shelf

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