Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-06, страница 37

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2001-06, страница 37

Step 6. Make brackets at the wings of the nose. The No. 5-4mm gouge lets you make the rounded nostril with a single plunge cut. Do not undercut the nose wings at this time. That may shrink the size of the nose too soon

block in the feet so that the toes angle outward. Carve the detail around the pant cuff and the shoes. Again, make the cuts bold. Try to keep your cuts economical.

Painting the figure

To paint this figure, I used oil paints thinned slightly with mineral spirits. To make the wood show through, I brushed the paint on and then immediately wiped it off, staining the wood rather than painting it. For my main colors, I used the complementary colors of brown (Burnt Umber) and blue (Ultramarine Blue). To tone the colors and avoid the straight-from-the-tube look, I added a bit of Burnt Umber to the Ultramarine Blue and a bit of Ultramarine Blue to the Burnt Umber. I prefer to lightly mix the colors because I like the slight variations in tone as the paint is applied. I also used a bit of Titanium White to lighten both colors. For the flesh tones. I used premixed flesh color augmented with Cadmium Red on the cheeks, nose, ears and lips. The hat is primarily Raw Sienna, and the shoes are Burnt Umber with a touch of Ultramarine Blue to gray it.

IB * Creative Woodworks S. drafts June 2001

Step 13. Returning to the bottom of the feet, shape the heels and turn up the toes a bit.

Step 14. Add further detail, including buttons, coat pock ets and fingers. Rather than wrapped around the walking stick, the hand is draped over it. Fit the top of the walking stick to the hollow of the hand. Because the grain is going across the hand, you need to be careful ir carving out the palm. Be sure to support the wood on the bench, and above all, keep your hand clear of the tool path should the wood give way. Carve in a hat band, slits for the eyes, and a crooked mouth.

nose to the corners of the mouth. Block in the mouth at this time as well. Make a crooked V cut with the knife to show the separation of the lips. Make the cuts bold to create the form.

Step 8. Draw in the profile of the arm and remove wood around it to give the arm its shape. Take away plenty of wood; don't give him skinny arms.

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