Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-04, страница 19

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2002-04, страница 19

Step 2. Prepare the board by sanding to 120 grit with sander of choice to remove any mill marks present.



ARROW'S Professional T50®PBN is steel This all-steel ARROW tool won't let you

inside and out. Beneath its durable down during a rough day on the job. It's

liousirig, carbon Hardened steel working simply built to last. And, the fact that the

parts add years of precision performance T50 PBN shoots 6 different size staples,

to the T50®PB.N, There are no internal plus brad nails too, means that it will

plastic parts to quickly wear out, tackle a wide range of fastening jobs.

Available at lumberyards, home centers, and neighborhood hardware stores pgsgsg i^^wij wherever fine tools are sold.

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Step 3. Apply your pattern with spray adhesive and bore blade entry holes using a 1/16"-Dia. (0.0625" or 1.5875 mm) drill bit for the larger holes and a No. 58 (0.042" or 1.0668 mm) bit for the smaller ones.

SSSl IsMiaii . m ' ^^^ HEGHO EN E.U.A.

Arrow Fastener Co.„lnc„ .271 -Majftiil Street, .Saddle. Brook, New jersey 07653 Canada: Jarde! Distributors, Inc., 6505 Metropolitan Blvd. last, Montreal,Quebec H1P 1X9. United Kingdom: Arrow Fastener (U.K.) Ltd., 14:Barday Road, Croydon, Surrey CRO 1JN www.arrowfastenef.eom o'iooiWtoW fateier Co, (nr.

Step 5. Remove the pattern and all traces of glue residue with minora1 spirits 0«'other solvent. After the solvent dries, finish sanding the project through 320 grit for an oil finish, while through 220 grit is fine for any. spray-on finish. continued on page 20

Step 4. Cut the holes with the blade of your choice. Use one that affords you the best control in the material you choose. Here, we used an Olson No. 2 reverse tooth blade.

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