Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 23

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 23


Arrow Fastener Co., Inc., 271 Mayhill Street, Saddle Brook, New Jersey 07663 Canada: Jardel Distributors, Inc., 6505 Metropolitan Blvd. East, Montreal, Quebec HIP 1XS United Kingdom: Arrow Fastener (U.K.) Ltd., Unit 5 ZK Park, 23 Commerce Way, Croydon CRO 4ZS, Surrey


Wood: wood of choice—one piece

approximately 1."x i]"x 17" Tools: scroll saw with assorted blades;

drill with 1/16"-Dia. drill bit Temporary-bond spray Sandpaper, .120- through 320-grif and

500-grit wet or dry for an oil finish Bainbridge Suede mat boara, black

color core No. 4265* Light-colored pencil Utility knife Wood glue Diy disposable brush Lint-free cloth Mineral salts Oil finish of choice

+~Ava/7abte from The Art Factory, P.O. Box 70 J, Piatfeville, Wl 53818; (800) 566-6394; www.

Step 2. Sand both sides of the board to remove any distracting mill marks.

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In this project the pattern was adjusted to fit the wood by eliminating a portion of it rather than shrinking it. The horn was elevated as well to add a bit more depth to the overall appearance. The reason for this is that the piece of walnut used here was the only wood we had on hand that would work with the design and could also be cut on a 20" saw.


1. Lay out the board and pattern to get a feel how best the characteristics of the wood work into the flow of the esign. This particular board was good on both sides, but we wanted to the knot to draw the to the side in to give the illusion that there was more to animal. We tried the knot on both sides and directions and settled for the face shown here.

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