Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 39

Creative Woodworks & crafts 2003-09, страница 39


Wood: walnut—one piece 3/4"-thick (sizes not specified since scraps were used for this project); ebony—one small piece (for the eyeball); plywood—one piece 1 /4" x 11" x 16" (for the backer); small pieces of 1/8"-, 1/4"-, and 3/8"-thick wood for shims Tools: scroll saw with assorted blades; drill press with assorted sanding drums and small drill bits; sanding mop with 120-grit abrasive; finish sander with assorted grit abrasive 5-minute epoxy Carpenter's glue Pencil

Ballpoint pen White transfer paper* Tracing paper* Masking tape

Wax paper C-clamps

Hard-backed sanding block Sandpaper, assorted grits Hanger

Matte spray or finish of choice

Gloss varnish


Painter's pad (optional)**

*Available from Dick Blick Art Material: (800-828-4548J;

** Available from Jim Dandy Products: (800-522-4717);

For a free catalog of Robert Hlavacek's intarsia patterns, call: (708-788-6455); or write: Wildlife Intarsia Designs, P.O. Box 1246, North Riverside, IL 60546; www. wildlifein


Apply several coats of matte, or fir ish of choice. A Jim Dandy "Painter's Pad with turn-table" makes spraying easy: you just turn the project instead of working around it (see Fig. 22).

After brushing several coats of gloss finish on the eye, glue it in place. Attach a hanger and admire your homely new projecting

Fig. 1. Transfer the pattern to Fig. 2. 5and the burrs off of Fig. 3. Edge sand with a drum sander.

the selected stock. the backs of the cut pieces.

Fig. 5. Cut on the outside of the adjusted line.

Fig. 6. Sand the cut edge up to the pencil line.

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Fig. 4. Use previously cut pieces as templates for more accurate cut lines on adjoining pieces.

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