Popular Woodworking 2002-04 № 127, страница 25

Popular Woodworking 2002-04 № 127, страница 25

Endurance Test

Grizzly G1023S Cabinet Saw

Cabinet saw performance at a contractor saw price.

When we first heard about the G1023S in late 1999, we figured it was just another cabinet saw. But when we saw that the price was about $800, we couldn't get to the phone fast enough to request one for testing. The saw showed up in March 2000, and we were skeptical and prepared to be disappointed. After all, how much saw can you buy for $800? A contractor saw, sure. But a decent cabinet saw? Boy, were we wrong.

After setting up the saw (which was remarkably easy), we checked the adjustments. The blade was a couple thousandths out of parallel with the miter slot, but that was easily remedied by loosening four bolts and tapping the top until everything lined up. Also, the fence wasn't 90° to the table. We removed the plastic faces on the fence and found someone had shimmed the plastic with tape. We removed the tape, and the fence was perfectly square to the table.

We thought the magnetic switch got in the way every time we reached for the beveling handle, and we would have preferred the accessory motor cover ($30) to be a standard item. But overall we were amazed at the value and performance of this saw.

Now, two years later, we're pleased to report this saw is still one of the best values available for woodworkers. The G1023S has seen constant use in our shop and remains accurate and tight. The beefy and comfortable handles still turn easily, and we've gotten used to the switch location, though it's still in the way. We added the motor cover and dust collection hood, which made the saw more pleasant to use. However, we still wish these were standard items.

The Shop Fox Classic fence system continues to provide accurate repeatable cuts with no fuss. The fit and finish of the saw has remained nice, with no loosening of parts or wearing of paint or surface areas.

As mentioned in our original October 2000 review, though the saw comes equipped with two throat plate inserts we quickly replaced both with homemade zero-clearance

inserts. This isn't an indictment of this machine; most saws come equipped with less-than-perfect inserts. The same goes for the saw's guard. Though meeting safety requirements, the guard doesn't make it easy to work safely. Again, almost every saw on the market has this issue, not just Grizzly's machine.

We did notice one thing after continued use that's worth mentioning. When cutting tenons or dados, the arbor would creep down slightly if the height adjustment wasn't locked in place. It's a minor inconvenience, and locking in your blade height is a good habit to acquire regardless.

When you think of a top-of-the-line cabinet saw, the venerable Powermatic 66 and Delta Unisaw still hold top marks. But if you're looking for a good quality contractor saw, or a great value in a cabinet saw, we're still happy to recommend the G1023.

We're not the only ones thrilled with this machine. We've talked to dozens of professional and amateur woodworkers who have bought this saw and have nothing but praise for its performace.

To make things more interesting, Grizzly now offers a left-tilt version, the G1023SL, for $895. That price includes a motor cover and dust hood. (Sorry, Grizzly says there are no plans to add the extras to the G1023S.) There also is a 110-volt version of the saw, the G1023S110, with a 2-horsepower motor, which we haven't tested. PW

— David Thiel


Grizzly G1023S Cabinet Saw

Street price: $795

Motor: 3 hp, 18 amp, single phase, 220v TEFC

Max cut depth: 3V8"

Cut capacity to left of blade: 8"

Cut capacity to right of blade: 25"

Table size: 361/4" x 27V8"

Table material: cast iron, with two solid cast wings

Fence: Shop Fox Classic T-Style

Weight: 360 lbs.

Nice features: An amazing price for a quality cabinet saw with a very good precision fence system.Why spend money on a high-end contractor saw when you can own a cabinet saw?

Recommended modifications: Though Grizzly lists the motor cover and dust hood as accessories, they are must-have items with a cabinet saw.The motor cover, G4223, is $29.95.

Available at: Grizzly Industrial: 800-523-4777 or www.grizzly.com

ABOUT OUR ENDURANCE TESTS: Every tool featured in our Endurance Test column has survived at least two years of heavy use in our shop here at Popular Woodworking.

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