Popular Woodworking 2002-04 № 127, страница 34

Popular Woodworking 2002-04 № 127, страница 34

32 3/4" top case



1/2" thick shiplapped back boards in 3/8" x 1/2" case dados


i i

3/8" plane area dividers

Drawer stop blocks

Runner frame support

Full extension drawer slides

See enlarged details

34 1/8" bottom '

Back elevation


plane down.

That's why I added a 1/4"-tall riser block to the back of each plane cubby. The block lifts the front end of the plane far enough to keep the blade from touching the bottom of the cubby. With shorter length planes, you can make the riser block an "L"-shaped affair that will keep the plane's handle within easy reach of the front of the cabinet, rather than sliding too far into the cubby.

Storing tools in the drawers is a science in its own right. You

Ready for glue, the upper case shows the extended top and bottom, the dovetailed sides and the dado grooves for the drawer dividers.

can go with the minimalist approach: Leave the drawer interior open and toss in the tools, or you can add dividers of a variety of shapes to keep the tools more orderly. Rockler (800-2794441) offers a ready-made plastic insert that allows you to easily adjust 1/4n-thick drawer dividers to accommodate any tool, without having to nail or screw the dividers in place.

Every woodworker has different tools. While my chisels and gouges will fit in the spaces allotted in this cabinet nicely, you may have a complete set of turning tools requiring different storage. I hope the ideas presented


Rockler: 800-279-4441, or www.rockler.com 2 - Accuride 14" full extension

slides, #32805 1 - 48" piano hinge (lower section), #19291

1 - 72" piano hinge (upper section),


2 - Barrel bolts, #30923

Horton Brasses: 800-754-9127 4 - Rosette pulls w/1" backplate, 3"

bore,#H-10 11 - Stirrup pulls w/1" backplate,

#H-83 2 - Latches, SL-3

Misc. Hardware: 2 - V4" washers

Rare earth magnets available from Lee Valley Tools, 800-871-8158 or www.leevalley.com

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