Popular Woodworking 2004-02 № 139, страница 47

Popular Woodworking 2004-02 № 139, страница 47

want enough wood to make at least one extra leg, especially if you've never done this before.

If you are planning to resaw your plies on the table saw, it's a good idea to choose a wood that is inexpensive, such as yellow pine. Because the plies are so thin, you're going to waste almost as much wood as you use when you cut these out on the table saw.

There is quite a good reason to use a table saw instead of a band saw for this operation: Table-sawn plies are ready to go into the form as soon as you cut them. A band-sawn ply has rough-cut surfaces that must be first sanded down in a drum sander - an expensive

piece of equipment. We have a drum sander in our shop, so I opted to use the band saw.

The next step is to discover what is the thickest ply that will bend around your form. This varies from species to species. Start by cutting an ^V'-thick x 3"-wide x 33"-long ply. Try to bend it over the form using finger pressure. If the wood breaks, cut a thinner ply. If it bends, but just barely, try a slightly thinner ply. The ideal thickness for my ash was which meant I was going to have to have 12 layers of wood to create a 3/4"-thick leg. In other words, to make six legs I had to saw out 72 plies (and a few extra, to ac

count for my inevitable mistakes). Your wood species of choice might require fewer plies.

As you saw your plies, stack them in the order that they come off the saw. I marked mine on one edge so I could keep my plies together. This helps make uniform-looking legs in the end.

Get Ready to Glue

Pulling off a successful bent lamination is mostly about preparation. If you have everything ready to go and have been through a dress rehearsal, you'll find it a sim-

ple and straightforward process. If you shoot from the hip, you'll end up with a messy and worthless tangle to show for your effort.

• Make sure you own or borrow enough clamps. I needed 30 bar clamps for this lamination.

• Have the right safety equipment on hand. The best glue for this job is plastic resin glue, also known as resorcinol (see the supplies box for ordering information). You mix it from a powder with water. If you have gloves, a face mask, goggles and long sleeves, it's easy. If you lack any

34"-dia. top 20"-long brace

23/8"x 23/8"x 3/4" leg joining block


3/8 "-high x 3"-wide bottom edge chamfer & 1/2 "-radius top edge roundover

This monster drum sander is a luxury. Luckily, there are consumer versions available from Performax and Delta. If you don't have one, chances are someone in your local woodworking club does. These are mighty handy machines.




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