Popular Woodworking 2005-06 № 148, страница 45

Popular Woodworking 2005-06 № 148, страница 45

This simple afternoon project is perfect for handsawing, holding doors for planing, organizing tools and giving you a leg up. It will quickly become indispensable.

My simple plywood two-step in the old tool shed had reached the end of the road. Looking at it you could see a pile of old wood ready for the burn pile. I saw in it a project that recalled 45 years of working life. It was more than just memories that came to mind. If it was time to recycle the old stool then it was important to document what had been a most useful object, and perhaps make a successor to it before its last rites.

My time in home building and remodeling went back to four summers during college. I learned the trade of carpentering before the modern era of specialization, the days when a small carpenter crew did everything from the first framing to a completed house ready for painters. It was a good education. The shop stool represented a sort of rite of passage into the world of construction.

by John Wilson

John Wilson currently writes and operates The Home Shop in Charlotte, Michigan, where he teaches classes and sells Shaker box supplies.

Foot detail

Construction Steps:

1. After cutting all the plywood pieces, round over all the exposed edges in the stool using a V8"-diameter roundover router bit.

2. Assemble pieces using tapered drill and countersink to pre-drill for 15/s" deck screws. Start with the front and back supports on the middle shelf.

3. Cut 4'-long hardwood blocks for the feet with a groove to fit 3/4" plywood. Adjust the thickness of the blocks to make the stool level and glue them in place.

4. Finish with a sealer coat of polyurethane and thinner mixed 50/50.



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