Popular Woodworking 2007-02 № 160, страница 9

Popular Woodworking 2007-02 № 160, страница 9

Tricks of the Trade

Compiled by Paul Anthony Illustrations by Matt Bantly

Taper Jigsaw Blades For Tighter Turns


What do you do when you need to make a sharply curved scroll cut with a jigsaw, but the width of the blade causes it to bind and burn in the kerf? (On a test piece of course!) The problem is resolved simply by a quick but carefully executed taper grind on the trailing edge of the blade. A typical hollow-ground jigsaw blade is tapered slightly from front to back, but increasing the taper at the rear allows for significantly tighter turns.

A 1" belt sander is perfect for this job. Be sure to hold on to the top end of the blade's shank securely with a pair of locking pliers. I hold the blade with its teeth up and tilted slightly as I press it against one side of the wheel, then the other, to create the desired taper at the rear of the blade. Remove material symmetrically from the full length of the blade, then smooth it up with some #400-grit silicon carbide paper wrapped around a small hardwood block.



- Standard hollow-ground taper

Grind increased taper on rear section

Cross-section of jigsaw blade


I've found that a 3/4"-diameter circle is about the minimum achievable with an unmodified 3/16" scrolling blade. However, after tapering, I could cut a 9/16"-diameter circle. This technique also works on the wider 5/l6" blades when I need a smaller turning radius than the factory grind will allow.

Ric Hanisch Quakertown, Pennsylvania continued on page 20


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Popular Woodworking February 2007

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