Popular Woodworking 2008-10 № 171, страница 28

Popular Woodworking 2008-10 № 171, страница 28

also on 12* ccntcrs. I wanted these roughly in the middle of the top, but didn't want to drill into the glue line, so I centered them in the middle of the board beyond the center of the rear top.

There arc five holes in the front jaw of the vise, lining up with the holes in the top. roughly in the center and near each end of the jaw. Each of the front legsalso has holes, two in the left, equally spaced between the upper and lower rails. The holes in the right leg match, with an additional hole in the space between the upper rail and the bcnchtop.

Because the parts of the bcnch arc relatively manageable components, 1 took the bcnch apart and drillcdall of the holes at the drill press usinga YV-dianwterbrad point bit at a low speed, about 500 rpm. I used my roller stand to support the long parts that hung off the drill press table.

Where Will the Hamsters Sleep?

Between the two lower rails isa shelf that is supported by 2"-widc cleats nailed tothe bottom of the rails. The shelf boardsarc random widths of 4/4 material, with opposing rabbets on the longcdges. The boards at each end have a rabbet on only one edge, and butt against the inside edge of the lower stretchers.

The shelf boards and cleats were left as thick as possible, and cleats were also nailed to the underside of each inside edge of the top sections to support the removable tool trays. The t rays are open-topped boxes, made from W-thick solid wood. The corners are held together with simpk rabbct-in-groove joints. The bottom is rabbeted to fit in a '/V-widc groove, with the face of t he bottom even with the bottom edges of the box sides.

The tool t rays can be turned upside down if desired to make the entire bcnch. or just

portions of it.onc wide flat surface. Orthey can be removed toallow clamping to the mid-die of the bcnchtop. The)' can also be easily carricd to return tools to their homes, or to the trash can to remove the inevitable accumulation of shavings and other trash.

I don't believe that a bcnch nccdsa fine finish. After planingall the surfaces. I knocked off the sharpcomcrsof the edges, and applied a coat of Danish oil.

With a few holdfasts and holddowns. along with some F-style clamps. 1 can hold work securely in almost any position. That's what a good bench is for. It is the tool that makes the work of all the other tools easier and more cfficcnt. PW

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fine-tuning. The lag bolts thai the upper /.irk are counterbored to keep the heads sveH below the surface. I he faces of the rails are made flush to the legs.

tvenends. I he ends of the tails are also trimmed flush. 1 he lag bolts that hold the top on are visible behind thebkxk[)lane.

The boring pari. I he top hahrs are heavy, but with the aid of a stand they can be brought to (he drill press for boring the dog and holdfast holes.

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