25 - Special Table Saw Issue, страница 8

25 - Special Table Saw Issue, страница 8


A recycled spray nozzle can help direct an aerosol solvent into a hard to reach place.


Since sawdust constantly collects around the trunnion, the last thing you'll want to use as a lubricant here is a petroleum product. (If you do, it won't take long for parts to cake up and become difficult to operate.)

To lubricate moving parts with minimal build-up, I use

m To prevent pitch, resin, and sawdust from building up, I use paraffin wax or graphite powder. For table saws exposed to low temperatures (such as one stored in a garage), try lubricating internal moving parts with white Lithium grease.

bladetit-t hand wheel


to adjust stop, move colletin > or out { along bar

'adjusting set screw changes stop point


Adjusting the Stops

On most saws, the 45° and 90° stops are only useful for getting you close to an angle. That's why I only use them as a rough guide and then take the time to set the angle with a triangle or square.

check stops. To reduce the amount of hand cranking when changing angles, it's a good idea to periodically check the stops. Depending on your saw, you may have two stops (45° and 90°), one stop (90°), or none at all, see drawing. And the way each is calibrated may vary as well. Some saws have an adjustable collet around a worm gear, see detail a. Others use a set screw, see detail b. I've even seen one that has you bend a metal pointer to match up with a printed scale.

If you're not sure which type your saw has, or how to adjust it, check your owner's manual.


No. 25

paraffin wax (any type of hard paste wax will do) or graphite powder, see bottom left photo.

Also, avoid applying lubrication near seeded bearings. All this will do is attract and retain more saw

dust — which could penetrate and cause the bearings to seize. When applying wax

or graphite, use only what's necessary to keep the parts moving freely, see drawing below.

You'll find that paraffin wax lasts longer. But you'll have more build-up sooner. Graphite powder on the other hand doesn't increase build-up, but you'll have to apply it more regularly.

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