51 - Band Saw Upgrade, страница 5

51 - Band Saw Upgrade, страница 5


Pry-Erase doard

■ To sketch out an idea for a project or jot down a list of supplies, I made my own "dry-erase" board and screwed it to the door of my shop.

It's just a piece of Tileboard surrounded by a wood frame. Tileboard is W hardboard that's covered with melamine on one side. (It's available at most home centers.)

To make it easy to clean the board, be sure to use "dry-erase" markers. (You can buy these at most art stores.)

Kevin M. Bevins Summerville, South Carolina

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C-Clamp Handle

Quick Tips

▲ Wax touch-up sticks come in handy when repairing a finish. To prevent the sticks from drying out, Dave Batzdorf of Candia, NH stores them in a plastic bag.

ends off the sliding bar and attached a wood handle to the remaining "stub." Now I can tighten the clamp with a few quick turns. (See photo.)

As shown in the drawing, the handle is just a dowel with a hole drilled in the end to accept the threaded screw. I also cut a notch in the handle to fit the stub. ■ I often use a C-clamp when set- After shaping the handle for a ting up a tool. But sometimes the comfortable grip, a bit of epoxy is all sliding bar used to tighten the clamp thats needed to secure it to the clamp, gets in the way. Before each turn, I But first, wrap the handle with tape have to slide the bar all the way to to prevent the epoxy from leaking, the opposite side. That's a pain. Adolph Peschke

To solve the problem, I cut both Des Moines, Iowa


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A To make a knob for a small shop drawer, Tom Blackwood of Crystal Lake, IL simply cuts the turned end off a clothespin and screws it in place.

Phillips Tip

x 4"


If you ever grab the wrong screwdriver by mistake, try using this tip from G. Ross Darnell of Idaho Falls, Idaho. He just marks the type of tip (flat, Phillips, or square-drive) on the handle with typists' correction fluid.


c-c lamp

NOTE: cur

ends off sliding bar to create %"-l0ng stub

cut notch to fit stub



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