69 - Bench Top Storage System, страница 16

69 - Bench Top Storage System, страница 16

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Rock-solid, straight, and loaded with accessories, this fence is a must-have upgrade for any router table.

A couple months back we were discussing an upcoming project that involved router table fence accessories. A few of the guys mentioned that before adding any accessories, we ought to spend time building a belter fence.

Why? Because most fences have problems. They never seem to stay straight. If they have sliding faces, they're often misaligned, preventing a workpiece from sliding smoothly along the fence. And finally, accessories are difficult to attach or adjust.

The fence shown above solves these problems. To keep the fence straight, the body is made from multiple layers of Baltic birch plywood. Plus, the faces stay in perfect alignment. That's because they're guided by aluminum angle attached to die bottom of the fence. And here's the best part — you can mount this fence to any router table with nothing more than a pair of clamps.

Accessories - Finally, the T-track installed in each sliding face makes mounting and adjusting accessories

a snap, see insets above. The bit guard, stop blocks, featiierboards, and jointing face shown on pages 20 and 21 are sure to see a lot of use since they mount quickly and easily.

Fence - Unlike a typical fence where a horizontal base is joined to a vertical face, this fence is made entirely of plywood strips that form a heavy, solid beam, as you can see in Figure 1. A pair of strips with a circular opening for the router bit forms the base. And a smaller set of four strips forms the back.



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